aHSCT Clinical Trial Currently Recruiting, and my 2023 MS Goals

Trying to work during a symptom flare 🙃🙃🙃

I have so many goals for this blog this year.

I want to: tell the story of my 19 years with MS- and turn it into a book for my 20 year MSiversary.

I want to share more links about clinical trials and ongoing Multiple Sclerosis Research.

I want to get my Amazon associates store going and start sharing the products that help me!

But in the MSwhile I’m just trying to keep myself and my family fed, keep getting my kids too and from school, help them with their homework… and ummmm anyway!

What do you do when their is no MS bandwidth left?

I’ll be around, and I am to get at least 50 percent of these goals done… sometime… in the MSwhile! 😆

But for now; here’s a link to a recruiting aHSCT trial versus best available therapy. Check out this link to see if you qualify: http://www.beat-ms.org

Find more information about this clinical trial at aHSCT BEAT MS Clinical Trial

May God Be With you Till we meat again!

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