Immunocompromised and need a Covid Booster? Should you take painkillers, or tough it out in hopes of greater immunity?

(Please ask your doctor for advice about the Covid19 vaccine. This post just shares my own experience and some helpful links.)

I can’t remember what over the counter pain killer I took for my first vaccine. My parents, who were homeschooling my kids, has just left for a little vacation to celebrate being fully vaccinated, so it was up to me to be substitute teacher. Most people don’t have symptoms from the first Pfizer shot, but I did. So I took a painkiller and kept going, and did all right.

The second vaccine I started asking questions. Like is it really wise for me to take ibuprofen, when a nasty immune response might signal that I am actually getting some immunity from the vaccine? I wanted my body to learn those spike proteins. I wanted to be protected. I would soon be returning to California, traveling to see family along the way. So I toughed it out. Having MS, and being no stranger to pain, I streamed the entire season of Made For Love, and got through it.

Covid19 Vaccine and Painkillers: What to know

Fast forward a few months and I’m back in California, a few days after my third vaccine. I discussed the booster shot with my MS Specialist, and wondering if I should again delay my Ocrevus infusion by a whole month. (third time since the pandemic.) He absolutely recommended I get the third vaccine. I received my first just two months after my Ocrevus infusion. My doctor wanted to give my body an extra chance to get some immunity from the vaccine, and now I had the ideal recommended timing, four weeks before my next scheduled Ocrevus infusion.

My specialist said most patients on B cell depleting medication don’t have detectable covid antibodies, but “what the heck,” let’s test you anyway.

Next day I logged into my patient portal, and low and behold my Covid Antibody test was reactive. I emailed my MS Nurse, and she said, still get the booster. I sent the kids to the grandparents and booked my vaccination appointment.

I really didn’t want to suffer this time as I had made myself with the last vaccine. I was a little more confident knowing, by some miracle I have some antibodies, so after I got my jab I asked the nurse about which painkiller is best to take for dealing with the symptoms of the vaccine.

She noted if I was concerned that ibuprofen, Motrin, would dampen my response, I should take acetaminophen, Tylenol. It isn’t an anti inflammatory like ibuprofen. She advised me not to take Aleve.

Acetaminophen vs ibuprofen

Many of you are considering your third vaccine. I just wanted to pass this little tidbit of information on. I ran a fever with the third shot, had a headache, and took the Tylenol. The kids came back in the evening after my shot. They took it easy on me. My husband helped me with the kids. All went well. A couple days rest did me well.

Did you take a painkiller to help you with the symptoms of your vaccine. What was your experience? Would love to hear your experience, post in the comments below. 🙏🏼🧡

Wishing you the best of luck, and best of immunity! May God be with you til we meet again. 🧡🙏🏼🪔

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