Jim Hill, a Caregiver to his beloved partner with MS, Ira, is killed in a Russian Attack

I woke, feeling like I was within my rights to go back to bed. It used to be 6:30 just last week, after all. I tried to deep breath and meditate in the calm before the kids woke, but awake brain, and my phone…

I came upon Cathy Chester’s post on IG, about a cargiver and partner to a women with MS was killed by Russian artillery. Jim Hill traveled to the Ukraine despite the threat of war, to bring an MS Medication. On his Facebook, on which he was posting of the situation in the Ukrainian hospital, he lists Ocrevus as the treatment he was bringing to his partner.

Jim Hill’s Facebook posts on his mission to help his partner and conditions in the hospital.

I have gotten my infusion months late, due to the pandemic. I’ve heard others painful stories of fighting to get their medication from insurance. People are taking the risk of running late, because they can’t afford their medication until they get approval.

The Genentech Foundation provides free medication to qualifying participants unable to afford or obtain through insurance.

But this man gave his life to bring her medication. News articles cast a hopeless story of Ira’s situation. She is in critical care. Like all MSers, she needs a medication to stop the progression of the disease.

Interview with Jimmy Bill’s Sister

As I read through about five articles, none mentioned what will happen to Ira. What can be done for Ira. What can make the ultimate sacrifice her love made for her worth it?!? What can we do to keep this woman and her mother from dying?

Forgive, I know there is so much right now. But please direct thoughts and prayers to Ira, to her mother, all the patients in the hospital. That someone will be able to get them food, as Jim was doing.

I don’t know how to else to help. Who could get them out of the Ukraine? There are so many suffering, children and mothers being killed. Start with praying…

If you know how to help more. Please share in the comments. 🙏🏼🇺🇦

To Help Ukraine you can donate:

UNICEF- Helping Ukrainian Children

Red Cross

Note- Pleae follow link to the Ukranian Red Cross website after their website was hacked. It is listed under the verified Ukrainian Red Cross Twitter Account. @redcrossukraine

https://donate.redcrossredcrescent.org/~share?cid=69&lang=en_ENUkrainian Red Cross Donations

May God be with you till we meet again.

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