The Coronavirus (COVID-19) and the Immunocompromised/ Chronic disease community

Disclaimer- I am not a health professional. The opinions shared in this article are just my opinions. I am also sharing informational resources. Always discuss your healthcare concerns with a medical professional.

I have to admit that the coronavirus has not been ringing my alarm bells. I am a person on a Disease Modifying (DMT) immunosuppressive treatment. I have two young children who go to school. My kids and myself are both in groups highly at risk for complications from the Coronavirus. So why am I not freaking out?

These last two weeks my kids and I contracted a very stubborn common cold causing cough, phlegm, and in my son a fever. I have been too busy dealing with our cold symptoms and my MS symptoms to worry about another virus. What I am concentrating on is preventing the spread of our germs. I’ve been making bone broth, smoothies, doling out honey based cough medicine, and encouraging the eating of vegetables. In fact my son was almost over the virus but had birthday cake (conventional store bought cake with frosting). His cold exploded over the weekend and had a resurgence while staying with his grandparents. He came home and I made the bone broth and cooked some basmati rice in it. This morning he ate another smoothie popsicle full of greens, fruits, and other healthy ingredients. I try to focus on the things I can control, rather than spend my limited and valuable energy worrying about things that I cannot control. For my bone broth and other healthy recipes please check out my instagram on: @msguidedbits.

Please check out my recipes on @msguidedbits

Information is power and the best kind of information is non alarmist and scientifically based. The corona virus has been around for quite some time as a common with multiple strains ranging from SARS to strains of the common cold. So the seriousness of this virus is very variable. This strain of coronavirus, COVID-19, is a crosspieces virus. It started in the animal community and crossed over to human communities. This is rare, and this kind of rarity raises alarms when paired with the easily transmutable nature of the virus. This isn’t the first cross-species virus. Remember Mad Cow disease? Another crossover disease that affected “about 230 people with vCJD have been identified since 1996. Most are from the U.K. and other countries in Europe. It is rare in the U.S., with only 4 reported cases since 1996.” University of Rochester Medical Center

I am not saying that this form of the coronavirus isn’t something to be taken seriously,. However this strain of the Coronavirus is popular clickbait. There are news agencies, fake news, and other entities that will exploit this and raise the level of alarm far above what it needs to be. Rather, it is good to be informed and to be smart about protecting yourself from all viruses, including the common cold and influenza. If you live in a country where this virus is becoming a pandemic listen to you leaders and what they are advising. In the US there are currently 87 confirmed cases of coronavirus and 2 reported deaths. Washington Post

My main goal in this post is to share with you two youtube vlogs with good information about this strain of the Coronavirus, prevention, and your risk if you are immune system compromised or affected by MS.

Dr. Aaron Boster is an MS Specialist. He hosts an awesome informational vlog on all topics MS. In his vlog on the Cornoavirus he explains the COVID-19 strain of the virus, good hygiene practices to prevent contracting the virus, and how it relates to individuals with multiple sclerosis and individuals who are taking immunosuppressive medications. Dr. Aaron Boster Coronavirus Vlog.

This second vlog was shared by my good friend Hanna and I love their animated explanations of the virus as well as their encouragement of cultural sensitivity when thinking about the country of origin of the virus. This virus is highly contagious it is spreading through China rapidly. However, we should remember that viruses can pop up anywhere. Viruses are both living and nonliving entities that are an enemy to all living organisms and all members of the human family. So let’s turn our enmity and distrust against the virus and not against our human brothers and sisters. 😉 What Actually Happens if you Get Coronavirus?

If you are concerned about the COVID-19 strain of the Coronavirus I greatly encourage you to check out these vlogs. Information is power can can soothe our fears. Concentrate on keeping yourself healthy, eating the right foods to fuel your cells, frequently washing your hands and using a 60 percent alcohol based hand sanitizer when you cannot wash. Since the Coronavirus can live on surfaces also spend some extra time spraying and wiping down frequently touched items and surfaces in your homes. You could use any household clearer or even white vinegar mixed with water. If you are concerned that you may have contracted the COVID-19 strain of the Coronavirus please contact your healthcare professional.

Update: Dr. Aaron Boster just published a second vlog reviewing each DMT and whether or not that DMT would put you at more risk of contracting the Coronavirus (COVID-19) IF you come into contact with it. MS DMTs and risk of COVID- 19

Ocrevus, Rituxin

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