My Birthday; the Invisible Moment between Rare Disease Day and MS Awareness Month

My disease, Multiple Sclerosis , isn’t so rare anymore; with an estimated 1 million in the US, and 2.8 million in the world diagnosed. I was two weeks away from my birthday in the above photo. My boyfriend had just sent me flowers for Valentine’s Day and a strange tingling is spreading on my left... Continue Reading →

Where is the Wheelchair Kamikaze???

There weren’t so many MS blogs 15 years ago, when I was looking for companionship, comrade, anyone else with MS! I was 25, dealing with the disease for five years and I had met like two other people with it. I was a voracious reader, and I was searching for something, someone. I found the... Continue Reading →

Epstein-Barr Virus

Was that 12 year old, celebrating her fourth real birthday, about to contract the Epstien-Barr Virus, leading to the activation of Multiple Sclerosis, and a diagnosis 8 years later?

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