The New Normal (Old draft I didn’t post from last summer)

Had a wonderful evening, spending time with family. Tuning into life instead of my MS and symptoms helps them feel less present and less pervasive. The problem with MS is symptoms are new or in flux. They don’t always feel the same. For me I have a baseline numbness that blends into the background. If something feels the same your attention isn’t always brought to it. It’s not normal, but it becomes the new normal. You can forget about it and go about your day. However this same baseline numbness isn’t a steady sensation. It is constantly in flux. Picture … Continue reading The New Normal (Old draft I didn’t post from last summer)

What it feels like to have MS

What follows is my answer to the question above that I found on Quora The feelings of multiple sclerosis are described by the name of the disease. Just as there are multiple scars there are numerous feelings those create. This moment as I’m sitting here typing this, if I tune into my body I start to feel the numb sensations around the back of my neck, the numbness reaches around. I’m reminded of the imagery of a hand because I can feel it’s fingers and the tingles lightly brush my lips and the skin around my mouth, my cheek. Going … Continue reading What it feels like to have MS