Phew! Itโ€™s not a relapse; itโ€™s a UTI! ๐Ÿ˜…

I've lost count of the number of UTIs I've had over the years. Some have been painful, some have had me rushing to the bathroom, but some, I didn't even know I had. I've spent the last two months occilating between symptoms, with good days in between. I estimate that I am priviledged enough that... Continue Reading →

Putting Yourself out there in the MS Community/ An MS Halloween

I've got butterflies in my stomach, an elated nervousness wells in my chest. These are similar to the feelings I felt while growing up in the Mormon faith. Every month we had a Fast and Testimony meeting. Entering in the chapel of our church was serene, with piano music played upon entrance and friends greeting... Continue Reading →

Tight Rope, Frayed Wire & Sandy Feet

(Text linked to websites, videos, and articles I used as sources for this blog post. Feel free to click, as the link will bring up a new tab and you won't use your place in the blog.) Elezanumab is another humanized monoclonal antibody currently tested in phase 2 clinical trials for RMS and PMS. This... Continue Reading →

Fast Track and Orphan Drug Status Granted to Elezanumab Phase 2 Trial for Spinal Cord Injury

Elezanumab, is a hoped for remyelination medication being tested for effectiveness and safety in SPMS, RRMS, and PPMS. There is also a separate phase 2 study being conducted for spinal cord injury, and that trial has been awarded by the FDA orphan drug and fast track status.

From California to NC- Ocrevus, Elezanumab, Clinical Trials, Homeschooling, and a freaking long distance relationship with my Husband?!? Part Two

We set a target departure time for 12 pm on Monday. However, the trailer wasn't ready yet, nor was I really. Though I started packing weeks ago, there were so many loose ends, and loose clothing... I was grateful for those extra hours. We started out at 7 pm, bidding farewell to a Southern California... Continue Reading →

From California to NC- Ocrevus, Elezanumab, Clinical Trials, Homeschooling, and a freaking long distance relationship with my Husband?!?

My four year old crawled in bed with me this morning. I've been keeping a late schedule since we traveled across the country and relocated in North Carolina. However, it's hard to fall back asleep without my husband in my bed. So, I thought to write a post Iโ€™d been keeping in the back of... Continue Reading →

Pain and Hurt from a Narcissistic Disease- the Draw and Repulsion Of MS Pain- My story

Can you remember having a loose tooth as a child. It hurt, just a little. The pain drew you in. You wanted to touch it. You wanted to experiment with that pain. There was a sharp edge, but that imparted an exquisite knowledge of the world. This pain was necessary to growing up. There is... Continue Reading →

A Hot MS, Damian Washington, and a little about my adventures with mobility aids

Kids are still asleep so I'm taking a minute to type up a blog. Damian Washington's Interview with Brittney Quiroz of A Hot MS popped up on my feed this morning and started the day out right, getting inspired. Damian Washington talks to Brittney about her experience with MS, her blog, and how she still... Continue Reading →

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