Savvy Cooperative Paid Opportunities for Adolescents living with MS, and their Parents to improve Clinical trials for Pediatric MS

Savvy Cooperative is sharing opportunities to parents of adolescents with multiple sclerosis to improve the way clinical trials are conducted. There is an opportunity also available for teens with MS.

Qigong for Symptom Relief; Tools to Ease Stress and Chronic Pain

Disclaimer: I share this information, purely for informational purposes, and as a matter of personal opinion. It is always a good idea to discuss with a healthcare professional, before starting any exercise program or alternative therapy. I've been going through a stressful time. For the first time, in the two years since I've been taking... Continue Reading →


Is anyone else a Stephen Colbert fan? A good ol' Colbert Monologue, of the Late Show with Stephen Colbert, is a way for me to digest the news, with a side of humor, so I don't get too stressed out by it. Well, this last week, the last year, the pandemic and the peaceful transition... Continue Reading →

Split Like a Tree

You weren't going to write a blog today, for the New Year coming in, and for the old one leaving. Everybody's recording their year on the eve of its end. Today just feels like another day; you're tired. However, it was warm, cloudy, and your kids really needed some outdoor activity. You did too. Your... Continue Reading →


Box Breathing is a technique of breathing in for a desired count, holding for a count, releasing for a count, and holding again, then repeating the breathing exercise as needed. I remember exercising in junior high on the outdoor gymnasium. I don’t know if in PE we had been instructed to pay attention to our... Continue Reading →

Phew! It’s not a relapse; it’s a UTI! 😅

I've lost count of the number of UTIs I've had over the years. Some have been painful, some have had me rushing to the bathroom, but some, I didn't even know I had. I've spent the last two months occilating between symptoms, with good days in between. I estimate that I am priviledged enough that... Continue Reading →

Putting Yourself out there in the MS Community/ An MS Halloween

I've got butterflies in my stomach, an elated nervousness wells in my chest. These are similar to the feelings I felt while growing up in the Mormon faith. Every month we had a Fast and Testimony meeting. Entering in the chapel of our church was serene, with piano music played upon entrance and friends greeting... Continue Reading →

Tight Rope, Frayed Wire & Sandy Feet

(Text linked to websites, videos, and articles I used as sources for this blog post. Feel free to click, as the link will bring up a new tab and you won't use your place in the blog.) Elezanumab is another humanized monoclonal antibody currently tested in phase 2 clinical trials for RMS and PMS. This... Continue Reading →

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